Welcome New Faculty

Aug 22, 2016

The Faculty Practice Plan would like to welcome the following new clinical faculty:

Rosemary Foster, MD – Instructor
Eduardo Reina, MD – Instructor
Sarah Dance, MD – Instructor
Rajiv Shah, MD – Assistant Professor

Sabina Braithwaite, MD – Associate professor
Kevin Cullison, MD – Instructor
Gary Gaddis, MD – Professor
Jeffrey Siegler, MD – Instructor

David Chen, MD, PhD – Instructor

Endocrine, Metabolism and Lipid Research
Karin Sterl, MD – Instructor

Jose Saenz, MD, PhD – Instructor
Ghada Al Ismail, MBBS – Instructor
Koushik Das, MD – Assistant Professor
Gabe Lang, MD – Assistant Professor
Clair Meyer, MD – Assistant Professor

Amy Zhou, MD – Instructor

Hospital Medicine
Indra Bole, MD – Instructor
Melissa Defoe, MD – Instructor
Grant Heberton, MD – Instructor
Sushma Jonna, MD – Instructor
Ningning Ma, MD – Instructor
Khanh Nguyen, MD – Instructor
Vaiibhav Patel, MD – Instructor
Brian Pierce, MD – Instructor
Britney Ramgopal, MD – Instructor
Rajeev Ramgopal, MD – Instructor
Gregory Ratti, MD – Instructor
Raya Saba, MD – Instructor
Emily Steiner, MD – Instructor
Wael Toama, MD – Instructor
Timothy Williams, MD – Instructor

Infectious Diseases
Caline Mattar, MD – Instructor
Merilda Blanco-Guzman, MD – Instructor

Medical Oncology
Charles Kaufman, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor
Katrina S. Pedersen, MD, MS – Instructor
Lindsay Peterson, MD, MSCR – Assistant Professor

Neha Mehta-Sha, MD – Assistant Professor

Renal Diseases/Nephrology
Anuja Java, MD – Instructor
Monica Chang-Panesso, MD – Instructor

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Adam Anderson, MD – Assistant Professor

Joshua Osbun, MD – Assistant Professor

Michael Bebbington, MD – Professor
Ebony Carter, MD – Assistant Professor
Christine Chu, MD – Assistant Professor
Jeannie Kelly, MD – Assistant Professor
Lindsay Kuroki, MD – Assistant Professor
Laura Nywening, MD – Instructor
Sharman Russell, MD – Assistant Professor

Angela Demetrulias, OD – Staff Optometrist

Kelly Estes, MD, MPH – Assistant Professor
Anna Miller, MD, Associate Professor
Jeff Martin, MD – Associate Professor
Steve McAnany, MD – Assistant Professor
Brian Kelly, MD – Assistant Professor
Alex Aleem, MD – Assistant Professor

Kate Dunsky, MD – Assistant Professor

Amy Clark, DO – Instructor
Andrew Cluster, MD – Instructor
Bryan Colvin, MD – Instructor
Aarti Dalal, DO – Instructor
Valerie Gribben, MD – Instructor
Jennifer Horst, MD – Instructor
Aadil Kakajiwala, MD – Instructor
Sonya Kirmani, MD – Instructor
Alok Kothari, MD – Instructor
Kathryn Leonard, MD- Instructor
Steven McGaughey,MD – Instructor
Jay Malone, MD, MS – Instructor
Megan Martin, MD – Instructor
Elizabeth Messer, MD – Instructor
Christian Nunez, MD – Instructor
Shawn O’Connor, MD – Instructor
Cynthia Ortinau, MD – Assistant Professor
Toby Rockefeller, MD – Assistant Professor
David Rosen, MD – Instructor
Pravesh Sangwan, MD – Instructor
Gary Silverman, MD – Professor
Ashley Steed, MD, PhD – Instructor
Jeffrey Stokes, MD – Professor
Stephen Stone, MD – Instructor
Tam Saint The, MD – Instructor
Shamik Trivedi, MD – Instructor

Rachel Shakofsky, MD – Instructor

Pavan Kavali, MD – Instructor
Catherine Young, MD, JD – Instructor
Chara Rydzak, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor
Olaguoke Akinwande, MD – Assistant Professor
Dan Giardina, MD – Instructor
Akashi Kansagra, MD, MS – Assistant Professor
Jennifer Nicholas, MD, MHA – Assistant Professor
Rosana Ponisio, MD – Instructor

Michael Roach, MD – Assistant Professor

Christopher Arett, MD – Assistant Professor
Diego Casali, MD – Assistant Professor
Shaina Eckhouse, MD – Assistant Professor
Sean English, MD – Assistant Professor
Gerald Fortuna, MD – Assistant Professor
John Felder, MD – Assistant Professor
Katherine Glover-Collins, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor
Puja Kachroo, MD – Instructor
Benjamin Kozower, MD – Professor
Nadia Obeid, MD – Instructor
Orlando Petrucci, MD – Assistant Professor
Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor
Jason Snyder, MD – Assistant Professor
Constance Wye Leng Lee, MD – Instructor