Star Performers

Mar 01, 2017

Angie Hemphill, Medical Assistant III

As a medical assistant III, Angie Hemphill, is making a difference in the lives of her patients, their families and her co-workers as part of the abdominal organ transplant team.  She has worked within the department of surgery for eight years and loves greeting each patient with her trademark smile.

Angie Hemphill receiving her award from Dr. Chapman

Known for going the extra mile to make her patients feel special, it is not unusual for her to follow up with a phone call. Angie credits the support from her excellent team of co-workers, aka her “second family”, as the reason she can excel at her job. Here is what a few of them have to say:

“Angie is a truly phenomenal part of our transplant team, who joined our staff nearly five years ago. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow and evolve in her role as Medical Assistant since that time. She runs our busy clinics, handles difficult situations with patience and ease, and has an incredible ability to adapt to new situations. I sought her out after a staff meeting to thank her for presenting to the team and she simply replied, ‘You gave me a job to do and I put my all into it.’  That is 100% Angie.”

 “Angie’s work is exemplary and she has served as a great mentor, actively participating in staff meetings and presentations. I have personally witnessed her kindness and compassion as she helps our patients navigate the health care system until they feel comfortable.”

 “I have worked with Angie for over five years and she continuously goes the extra mile whether it involves arranging tests or patient transportation, assisting clinical staff, or taking an active role in the planning of new procedures and workflows. She has easily adapted to the many changes in how we care for our patients and has been a vital force in our compliance with meaningful use requirements. She continues to seek opportunities to advance her knowledge and education, and I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition.”

Angie knows that each patient requires a different level of care – and some require a little more than others. She says, “Our patients have been through a lot and the last thing they need is a caretaker that lacks compassion and respect. I’ve been on the other side of that fence and it’s a discouraging place to be.”

Congratulations, Angie, on being a Star Performer, and thank you for sharing your compassion with all of us!

Connie Mayo, RN, Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Connie Mayo, RN, works in the department of Medicine, division of nephrology as a clinical nurse coordinator.  She says the best part of her job is her interaction with patients to help them understand their diagnosis and address their problems.

Connie Mayo receiving her award from Dr. Benjamin Humphreys and Dr. Jim Crane (CEO, FPP)

Connie strives to make each patient feel special and says that her secret is to really listen to what they say.  Her caring attitude does not go unnoticed by her coworkers as reflected in these comments:

“I work with Connie directly in clinic and I can honestly say that she treats every patient with great respect, and always goes above and beyond to help both physicians and patients.  Her smile puts everyone at ease, and I am often told by my patients that they are so happy to have Connie as part of the team. Her communication and follow-up is impeccable, and she has the ideal combination of interpersonal skills to deal with patients and families who are dealing with difficult health issues.”

 “Connie is an excellent nurse who is not only proactive, compassionate, thoughtful and organized, but she has a passion for learning.  She is always suggesting ways we can improve our processes to improve the patient’s experience.”

 “Previous patient satisfaction scores in our clinic have been excellent, and I attribute much of that positive feedback to Connie.  She is proactive, patient and caring, and so many of my patients have told me how wonderful she is!”

 “I can think of no one who is more deserving of this recognition.  Connie is such a valuable asset to our division and is a true role model for others to emulate!”

Connie, you are clearly making a difference in the lives of your patients, their families and your co-workers and you stand out as an exemplary role model for physicians and staff here at the medical school.  Congratulations!