Star Performer

May 05, 2017

Brenda Hall, RN, Nurse Coordinator

Brenda has made a big impact in a short time as nurse coordinator in Medical Oncology. Although she has been with Washington University for almost 13 years, she only has been in Medical Oncology for a year.

Brenda receiving her award from Dr. Haeseong Park

During that time she has impressed co-workers with her caring nature and ability to get the job done, even when it requires extra work.  Here is what a few of her colleagues have to say:

“Brenda is a terrific nurse who puts so much compassion into caring for her patients.  She always does what is right for the patient, even when it is not always the quickest or easiest way.  She is an amazing team player who is always asking if there is anything she can do to help her coworkers.  If someone looks like they are struggling, Brenda is always willing to jump in!”

 “Brenda is our “fixer.”  If she sees something that needs to be addressed, because it could be done more efficiently or safely, she will volunteer to fix it.  Although it often requires extra work, if it is the right thing to do for the patient and our division, she doesn’t hesitate.”

 “Brenda Hall is super amazing, and she is truly the most brilliant nurse and colleague that I have ever met in my career- throughout my residency and fellowship, including those I met at MD Anderson. Not only is she smart, compassionate, and professional, she is a terrific partner in patient care. I think my patients are absolutely blessed because we work with Brenda.”

Brenda loves being a nurse and says there is no secret to making patients feel special because “kindness goes a long way.” She says her co-workers and managers provide a very supportive environment that makes it easy to love her job.   When not working, Brenda likes yoga, reading, hiking and spending time with her family.

Thank you, Brenda, and congratulations on being a Star Performer!