Physician Billing Service (PBS)

Jay Albertina, Executive Director

PBS (formerly WUSBCS) was established in November, 1994 as a mechanism for:

1) improving patient service by integrating all WUSM faculty professional charges on one statement and providing a single point of access for patients for all account-related concerns,

2) enhancing WUSM’s effectiveness in negotiating managed care contracts by generating payor reimbursement data in a more standardized format, and

3) sharing the cost of certain core billing services across the clinical departments.

Other components of accounts-receivable management such as third party follow-up activities are managed by either PBS or individual WUSM departments at the discretion of the departments.

PBS is also responsible for technology enhancements and handles various aspects of accounts receivable management for several WUSM clinical departments.

Troy Burrus or Andrew Johnson
Phone: 314-273-0619
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